Svea Ekonomi becomes Svea Bank

Publicerad Wednesday 08 September 2021 03:46

This will be done through the parent company Svea Ekonomi AB’s (publ), Co. Reg. No. 556489‑2924, merging with the subsidiary Svea Bank AB, Co. Reg. No. 556158‑7634.

All Svea Ekonomi's agreements and commitments are automatically included in the move
to Svea Bank in accordance with the rules that apply to mergers. The merger is scheduled
to take place January 3, 2022.

In connection with the merger, all operations within Svea Ekonomi will be transferred to Svea Bank. The agreements that customers, suppliers and partners have with Svea Ekonomi will remain unchanged and the collaboration will continue as before. Svea Ekonomi's suppliers will however, invoice Svea Bank after the completion of the merger.

An exception applies to our deposit customers who are currently covered by the state deposit guarantee in both Svea Ekonomi and Svea Bank. After the merger, the amount covered by the guarantee will be SEK 1,050,000 regardless of deposit product at Svea.

The merger is a natural step in Svea's business development. Svea Ekonomi has gradually broadened its offering and has for several years conducted banking operations in the subsidiary Svea Bank. By consolidating all products and services within the bank, Svea becomes a clearer player in the market.

Stockholm in September, 2021
Svea Ekonomi AB
Lennart Ågren