What are cookies and how do we use them at svea.com?


To enhance your experience when you use our websites and online services – for example our checkout – we use cookies, web beacons and similar techniques. You can read here about the different kinds of cookies and how we use them. You can also find information about how you can control the use of cookies or block them completely.

Do you have any questions about integrity and data processing? It is important for us that you know that we handle personal data in a legal, reliable way. Read our Data Protection Policy if you want to find out more.

What are cookies?

Cookies are small text files that are saved on your computer, phone or tablet when you use our services. They are usually sent from us and sometimes from our partners’ web servers. We differentiate between session cookies and persistent cookies. Session cookies are the kind saved temporarily while you are using a website or an app, but they disappear when you close the app or the website. Persistent cookies remain on your computer until you delete them or they expire. These are the kind of cookies that, for example, remember whether you visited the site before and thus help the page to load more quickly next time. There is also a difference between first-party cookies and third-party cookies. First-party cookies are cookies created by the website you are visiting, while third-party cookies are created by a third-party site.

Web beacons are small transparent images used to measure activity on a site. They can also be found in emails. Why are cookies used? In most cases, cookies enhance the experience for you as a user. They help you to find what you are looking for, make the page faster and provide us with statistics about the use of our services so that we can improve them. Some cookies are also necessary for our services to work. This is how we break them down:

• Analysis cookies: Provide us with statistics and analysis of the way you and others use our services. Our services would not work as smoothly without them.
• Function cookies: Make it possible for us to save settings, for example choice of language. They can also help you by filling in your details in advance if you have chosen to let the service remember you. These kinds of cookies help us to create basic functionality that allows you to experience our services as being as fast and convenient as possible.

• Necessary cookies: Are cookies that are required for our services to work. They are contained in, among other things, our payment solutions.
• Security cookies: Also classified as necessary. They help us to discover fraud and keep your data safe and secure.
• Advertising cookies: are cookies that help us to target relevant marketing at users of our services.

What you can do to manage the use of cookies

In your browser, you can adjust the settings for cookies. You can usually find out more about different kinds of cookies there as well. What the settings look like varies between different browsers. But in principle they all have settings that, among other things, block all cookies, limit the use of first-party cookies or help you delete all cookies saved on your computer.

Some of our services may not work if you block or delete cookies.

Contact us

We have a data protection representative and a customer service function to deal with your questions about data protection. Our customer service specialists are more than happy to deal with your questions about data protection and personal data. You can always reach Svea Bank’s customer service data protection specialists at dataskydd@svea.com

This cookie notification was last updated April 16th, 2019.

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