Helena Bäckström new CEO at Svea Inkasso

Publicerad Wednesday 15 March 2017 08:58

On 1 April 2017 Helena Bäckström will take up the position of CEO at Svea Inkasso. 

Helena has been working at the company for seventeen years, the last five years at head office as Head of the company’s Debt Surveillance and Purchase of Past-Due Receivables departments, and last year as Deputy CEO as well.

Helena is an Economics graduate who originally comes from Åseda in Småland. Five years ago she and her family moved to Solna so that she could focus more on her career, and she is now taking the next step as CEO of the Svea Ekonomi Group’s biggest subsidiary Svea Inkasso.

“It feels really good, I’m naturally delighted to be entrusted and even though it’s a high profile position with big boots to fill, I know that I have one of the industry’s best, most experienced teams behind me in the company, which feels reassuring,” says Helena.

Helena Bäckström
It feels really good, I’m naturally delighted to be entrusted with this high profile position.

Helena Bäckström succeeds one of the debt collection industry’s most well-respected names, Mats Kärsrud, who after thirty years as CEO of Svea Inkasso has now decided that the time has come to retire. But Mats will not be leaving the company completely, he will take his place on the boards of the Group’s debt collection companies as well as the board of the parent company Svea Ekonomi.

“I’ve had the pleasure of leading Svea Inkasso for many years, during which we’ve been on an amazing journey together with our customers and been able to develop our services, our systems and our offering. It’s been incredibly stimulating, but now I feel that the time has come to step aside and hand over the baton,” says Mats.

“It’s particularly pleasing to be able to hand over to Helena, with whom I’ve been working for many years and who I know values relationships with our customers and, like me, recognises the importance of customers’ roles in our future development. Helena is very experienced and competent, and it is with the greatest confidence that I hand over the baton to her, and of course I wish her all the very best.”

“Although I’d just like to give a little warning to our employees. Helena is tougher than I am, so staff might have to keep their heads down occasionally,” concludes Mats with a smile.

If you have any questions, please contact

Helena Bäckström +46 73 042 02 02, helena.backstrom@sveaekonomi.se
or Mats Kärsrud +46 70 593 43 33, mats.karsrud@sveaekonomi.se

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