Developer Documentation for PSD2 API

Our LUXHUB Developer Portal gives you the opportunity to develop towards the services of Svea Bank.

Here you can access the Svea Bank PSD2 API in production and sandbox:

Svea Bank has been granted an exemption from providing a fall back mechanism under the Commission Delegated Regulation (EU) 2018/389 with regard to regulatory technical standards for strong customer authentication and common and secure open standards of communication from Finansinspektionen.


Contact for fraud cases:


Q4 2020 (20201001-20201231)

Q3 2020 (20200701-20200930)

Q2 2020 (20200401-20200630)

Q1 2020 (20200101-20200331)

Q4 2019 (20190913-20191231)

PSD2 for consumers

Your rights regarding payments in EU