We are changing the URL's for some of our services for e‑commerce - make sure to change your endpoints.

Important information about new URL´s

As a part of migrating our services into a better and safer server environment, we are also changing the endpoints for our services. Make sure your production environment is updated with the new endpoints. The URL to some of our administration services will also be changed.

The new URL's are already up and running, so you can switch them out today if you want. Just make sure that all your platforms that are connected to us are updated with the new endpoints as soon as possible.

This change does not affect our new service - Svea Checkout.

The change will affect the following services:

  • Webpay Service (Invoice/payment plan/Account)
  • Webpay Admin Service (Invoice/payment plan/Account administration services)
  • Webpay PdfService (get Invoice Pdf Link)
  • Payment Gateway(Card/direct bank)

Below you will find all of the outdated URL's along with the new ones. If you have any questions regarding the change, please contact our client integration team or your personal finance officer.