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All you need is available on GitHub

The Svea integration packages as well as the various e-commerce solution modules are made available on GitHub under the sweawebpay account.

The Webpay presence on GitHub provides a single source of information about the Svea open source offerings, where you can

  • download the latest version of the Svea modules, as well as all previous releases
  • browse release history for fixes and changes,
  • browse documentation and code examples
  • post questions, feature requests and bug reports,
  • fork the code and extend the functionality of the Svea offerings.

Feel free to visit GitHub and let us know what you think:

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The following details the use case for each option, as well as why to choose a specific solution:


Use an plug-in module for an open source e-commerce solution. If you own or are looking to set up a webshop or other website and need a drop-in payment solution, you can use a pre-existing plug-in module for the e-commerce system you’re utilising. Plug-in modules are provided by Svea, as well as by our partners, and provide an easy way to add Svea’s payment solutions to many popular e-commerce platforms using (i.e. Magento, Opencart, Woocommerce et al). Svea’s modules are free to use, open-source and hosted on github.

Integration package

For custom websites or other projects needing a payment solution, Svea provides integration package for PHP, .NET and Java that provide a uniform way of integrating the various payment methods provided by Svea. This is the recommended way to integrate Svea services for best scalability. You will just need to download and replace package to keep up with latest changes and upgrades in all Svea Systems. The integration package includes the ability to execute payments and perform administration functionality.

System API documentations

If your project uses a different language than the ones currently supported by the integration packages, or if you need to leverage the entire range of administrative functions available in the Svea services, you may integrate against the Svea services API:s directly. Please contact our technical support if you have further questions about API documentation.

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